Analogtheater (Cologne) & Teater Viirus (Helsinki) presents:
Online discussion

7.5.2021 – 16:00 (Finnish Time) – 15:00 (German Time) – No admission

Lenght: 1 1/2 h

Language: English


Participants: Priit Raud (Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Baltoscandal festival, EE), Petra Hannus (Goethe-Institut Finnland, FI), Tim Mrosek (studiobühneköln, DE), Marje Hirvonen (dancer, choreographer DE/FI), Jakob Öhrman (Nya Rampen, FI) Daniel Schüßler (Analogtheater, DE), Silvia Werner (Analogtheater, DE), Jussi Sorjanen (Teater Viirus, FI), Mirkka Maikola (Teater Viirus, FI), Host: Eeva Bergroth (Klockriketeatern, FI)

Representatives of Analogtheater and Teater Viirus met for the first time in 2018, on a dark winter night in Helsinki. Not long after, they agreed to bring German production NUR UTOPIEN SIND NOCH REALISTISCH to stage in Finland. International cooperation was flourishing, the future looked bright. Then came Corona. On Friday 7th (on a day when” Utopien” was to premiere in Finland) both theatres gather together to discuss international relations after Corona. 

How do we meet people in the future, as international travelling will inevitably diminish and digital meetings and seminars will replace physical contact. Can new ideas and contacts be created online? How can institutions and financiers support international cooperation? What is the meaning of festivals and residencies in the future? What has changed after Corona? How to network? We are also inclined to ask ourselves, if we need international cooperation at all? Maybe we all should stay home? Be sustainable. Why do we need other people, other languages, other visions of the world?

Analogtheater and Teater Viirus invite their friends and supporters to join the discussion.

Estonian Priit Raud is the director of Rakvere-based Baltoscandal festival, probably the best theatre festival in Northern Europe, and where most Finnish theatre makers have created their best contacts. Petra Hannus is the coordinator of cultural projects in Goethe-Institut Finnland, Tim Mrosek is a director and dramaturg at studiobühneköln and also a curator for the binational theatre festival Theaterszene Europa in Cologne. Marje Hirvonen is a finnish dancer and choreographer based in Cologne and Berlin. Helsinki-based director and actor Jakob Öhrman is a member of theatre company Nya Rampen -and an ex-berliner. Mirkka, Jussi, Daniel and Silvia are the initiators of this discussion and members of Teater Viirus and Analogtheater. The discussion is moderated by Eeva Bergroth who is a Production Manager at theatre company Klockriketeatern, Helsinki and has also translated „Nur Utopien sind noch realistisch“ in Finnish.

The first half of the discussion will be pondering international themes with depth and seriousness. Audience members have a possibility to comment and ask questions through Vimeo chat. In the next half, we simulate the typical theatre festival bar: we open our beers and move to informal levels of connecting. It is Friday after all, all around Europe.